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Campsites and caravan parks UK - Privacy policy

This North West Code ("Us", "We") policy applies to all information collected or submitted by the Campsites and caravan parks app ("the app") and the webservice that supports it ("the API").

The App

No registration is necessary to use the app and We do not ask you for any personal details to use any part of the app.

The app occassionally checks for updated data by connecting to the API when you have an Internet connection. Each device on which you install the app is given a "UserId" identifier, generated by Apple (see identifierForVendor) and this is passed to the API to assist in determining the number of active users and to prevent abuse of the app or API if necessary. There is no way for Us to link this UserId back to any individual person. The UserId is also sent with any site reviews that a user submits, to assist is moderating any spam and abuse.

The app displays links to third party websites. These have their own independent privacy policies, and We have no responsibility or liability for their content or activities.


The API is a webservice hosted by Heroku. Heroku's privacy policy is available here. When the app calls the webservice, your IP address will be temporarily logged with each request. Heroku logs contain the last 1500 lines, and expire after 1 week. In reality, it is likely that your IP address will be in the logs for less time than this as requests by other users are logged. We do not use your IP address for anything.

We direct your traffic through Cloudflare before it reaches Heroku's servers. They have access to some basic technical information to perform this role, such as your IP address. Cloudflare’s privacy policy is available here.

All communication by the app to the API uses HTTPS communications.

Your Consent

By using the app you consent to this privacy policy.

Contacting Us

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy please e-mail Us.

Any e-mails sent to Us may be stored indefinitely but may be deleted when it is determined they are no useful for providing support. Your e-mail address will not be used for marketing purposes.

Changes to this policy

If We change our privacy policy, We will summarise the changes below:

  • 19 Jan 2019: First version