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Campsites and caravan parks UK - FAQs

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If you've bought Campsites and caravan parks and need support, then please see the frequently asked questions below before contacting us. To read more about this application, visit the product information page.

How many campsites and caravan parks are listed?

There are over 6200 campsites and caravan parks in the database*. Only sites with a website are listed (at the time they're added to the app) so that the site details can be verified. New campsites are added regularly and will automatically appear in the app.

Can a missing site be added?

If you know of a campsite or caravan park with a website which is missing from the app, from the "Map" screen, tap the "i" button and choose "Add a missing site" and follow the instructions. The site details will be verified before being added to the database.

I have found a mistake or outdated information

If you see something in the app, such as a campsite which no longer exists or if incorrect information is shown, tap "Report a mistake" on the site details screen and provide the correct information. The update will be reviewed and automatically appear in the app.

What's the difference between the red and purple site markers?

The colour of the marker depends on whether you may need to be a member of a club to stay at the site. Red markers indicate a site is open to everyone, purple markers may require a membership.

Is there a way to hide sites which require membership?

Some sites require membership of a club to stay. To hide these from the map or list, tap "Site options", scroll down to "Site Membership" and deselect the site types you do not wish to see.

How do I add a review for a site?

Firstly, find the site via the map or list, then on the site details screen scroll down to the "Reviews" section. Tap "Write a review", select a star rating (from 1 to 5, where 5 is the best) that you feel reflects the site and write your comments. Then tap "Send". Your review will become available to other app users if it is approved. If you do not have an Internet connection when sending a review it will automatically be sent the next time you run the app when connected to the Internet.

How often are sites & reviews downloaded?

When you run the app and have an Internet connection, the database will automatically be updated once per day.

How do I filter sites by the facilities available?

To filter sites by the facilities available, tap the "Site options" button on the map or list screens, then scroll down and tap a facility to toggle it. If no facilities are ticked then all sites will be shown. Please note that other facilities that we do not know about may be available at sites, so the facilities filter should only be used as a guide. If you've been to a site then you can help provide feedback on the facilities available by scrolling to the bottom of the site details screen and tapping "Report a mistake". Please note that the facilities are primarily listed for camping and touring caravan sites.

How do I search for a site by name?

From the list screen you can search for a site by name. Tap the text field and type part, or all of the name of the site, then tap "Search".

What happens when I tap the postcode on the site details screen?

To help you navigate to a site, tapping the postcode will ask you which app you would like to launch to help you. The options available depend on the apps you have installed and can be Maps, Google Maps or Waze. Please note that the destination is set to the approximate GPS coordinates for the site, so may not be the exact location, but should be in the correct area. Please note that only GPS enabled devices will be able to navigate accurately.

How accurate are the position of the map pins?

Many of the map pins are based on the postcode location of the site, so may not be exactly positioned at the site's location, but should be in the nearby area. If you can provide an exact location please "Report a mistake" from the details screen.

* Site counts correct as of 18 September 2019

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